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#1 Selling Premium Heavy Duty Tire Sealant In The World!

Amerseal is FANTASTIC; WOW what a product! I am making a point of recommending AmerSeal to all the farmers in our area as they all have problems with thorny farm roads. Since putting your great product into all our vehicles we have not had a single puncture again. Yes there are other tire sealants in the market but they are NOT AmerSeal! Johan

I bought a 5 gallon bucket of tire sealant because it works so good in all the tires. I bought a 5-gallon bucket because a one-gallon was not enough to put in ATV tires and tractor/truck tires. Works really well. I had an 18-42 tractor tire that went down every week and a half, and I put one gallon of Amerseal in on September 4th and have yet to add any air to the tire. I put it in a skid loader that was leaking a lot, and it's been up for two months. So keep this good product going because it works better then any other product. A.T.

Since I began using your product approximately 2 years ago I have virtually eliminated flat tires! I don't believe I have lost a tire to a low pressure blowout since I began using AmerSeal!! In addition to that, I am now consistently getting over 160k on these same tires and have had 2 of them exceed 180k. The fact that I am able to maintain consistent pressure in the tires as well as the cooler running temperatures have made this dramatic in crease in tire life possible.

I am totally sold on your product and tell anyone who will listen they need to be running it. Jeff

AmerSeal is completely water soluble, so any tire with a large puncture that requires a section or a boot patch can still be repaired by simply wiping the AmerSeal away from that part of the tire with water.

We highly recommend AmerSeal for any tire that is subject to bead leaks or many puncturing problems such as thorns, nails, steel regrind and others. It is one product that does what it claims to do. Tom

We had a piece of large cable wire go into the side wall of one of the tires. We pulled it out and kept running and at the end of the day it still had over 100lbs of pressure in the tire! Awesome! :)  XXXXX


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