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Prevent expensive rodent damage & odors to your tractors, trucks, combines and more!!

Finally A Safe Solution:
The good news is that there is a new invention that is a simple and safe solution to make it so rodents have no interest or desire to go near your property or possessions in the first place.
You can repel the rodents with a natural bio-based repellent. Instead of dealing with the headaches of trying to kill and properly dispose of them, why not just drive them away?
The “Fresh Cab” Mouse Pouch was Invented by a North Dakota mom who had rodent problems on her farm and wanted a non-toxic and easy to use solution that would also be safe to use around her children and pets.
Rodents have extremely poor eyesight and are heavily dependent on their sense of smell, especially in dark areas. The Fresh Cab pouches contain natural oils. These oils compromise the rodent’s sense of smell causing them to feel “blind,” confused and unsafe, so rodents avoid “treated” areas at all costs.
By simply placing the pouches in areas susceptible or prone to rodents you will be creating an effective defense shield, keeping rodents out of the space you want to protect.

The Only No-Kill Plant-Based Rodent Repellent Proven Effective
and Registered by the Federal EPA!


More effective and less dangerous than the traps or poisonous options.

9 out of 10 Fresh Cab users come back for more.

It has been tested and endorsed by Good Sam Club, National Home & garden Club, independent labs and farmers nationwide!

Independent lab proven effective up to 100 days (using 1 pouch per 125 sq. ft in an enclosed area)

Fresh Cab® is safe to use around kids and pets,
and is made from renewable resources.


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